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General Rental Conditions and Information

  1. Renters & drivers must be in possession of a valid unendorsed national + international driver’s license and passport. The minimum age is 23 years.
  2. Minimum rate charge is 24 hours. Rates are calculated from time of pick-up to time of drop-off.
  3. Insurance excludes tyres, headlamp/window breakage, sandblasts, underbody damage, front/rear bumbers and loss of personal property.
  4. All vehicles are hired subject to our Standard Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions.
  5. The Lessor reserves the right to substitute the reserved vehicle with a similar one if it is not available.
  6. Extensions of the rental period must be arranged with us no later than two (2) days prior to the original agreed date of termination and subject to availability.
  7. The vehicle carries comprehensive insurance. However, in the event of an insurance claim arising, the lessee will be held liable for an excess amount, payable in advance, as security to the lessor.
  8. The excess must be deposited in the form of a credit card voucher. Any costs incurred due to loss of or damage to a vehicle or equipment will result in a deduction from the excess deposit applicable to the vehicle or the equipment. The excess deposit will only be cancelled after the car has been cleaned and checked by our workshop during standard office hours. No credit card voucher can be cancelled over weekends or public holidays.
  9. The lessee is also responsible for the full damage to the vehicle if caused by negligence, road conditions not suitable for the vehicle and areas disallowed by African Tracks.
  10. In case of an accident where the lessee is liable, the lessee will be responsible for tow-in costs and related costs of the vehicle and the recovery of the vehicle.
  11. No vehicle may be taken across the Namibian borders without prior approval.
  12. Monthly and one-way rentals are available on request only.
  13. African Tracks is not liable for death, injuries, personal damages and/or loss of whatever nature.
  14. We accept Master, Visa, Amex cards or cash in N$ / ZAR.
  15. The rental costs are payable in full on delivery of the vehicle.
  16. Only Namibian laws apply.


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